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 2300 Prairie
 Ann Arbor, MI  48105
 Natasha York, Principal

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Thurston Buses
(Note: map locations are approximate. Use descriptions as your best guide)

Bus 27

5182 Plymouth Rd.                    8:01am

6564 Ford                                8:04am

3689 N Prospect                       8:07am

N Prospect @ Blue Heron Ct      8:08am

Northbrooke @ Pathway           8:12am

Andora @ Woodhill S               8:17am

Andora @ Bethany Cir             8:20am

Green @ Whisperwood            8:29am

Bus 80

Burbank @ Burbank/near dumpsters 8:25am

Burbank @ Bolgos Cir N                   8:29am

Bus 98

4178 Plymouth                     8:00am

Plymouth Rd @ Eastbrook      8:04am

7240 Plymouth Ann Arbor      8:07am

Plymouth @ Mario Dr.            8:11am

Plymouth @ Albert                8:12am

N Dixboro @ Ford Rd.           8:20am

3374 N Dixboro                    8:21am

Church @ Short                   8:23am

5087 Plymouth                    8:25am

Bus 130

Dunwoodie @ Park                    8:30am

Bus 136

Arrowwood Clubhouse                 8:18am

Barclay Way @ Clubhouse           8:32am

2013-2014 Prairie Press Now Available

All of the Prairie Press's issues for the 2013-2014 are now available. Prairie Press is Thurston's student newspaper. This after-school activity is available to students in grades 2 through 5. To read all of the issues, go here.

Information about new student enrollment can be found here.






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